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Chattooga Quarterly Index

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Fall 2019
National Environmental Policy Act | Native Canebrakes | Fighting Invasive Kudzu | CONF Proposed Land Sale | White Pine Project | Southside Project Decision | Cashiers Lake Development Proposal | Nantahala-Pisgah Forest Plan Revision | Chattulah Fest | Water Quality Monitoring | Stay Wild 2019

Winter 2018/2019
Trillium persistens | Tallulah Gorge | How the Drought of 1925 Saved the Chattooga River | “If It Looks Like Bad Forestry, It Probably Is.” | Cashiers Lake Development Proposal | Warwoman Creek Watershed Management Plan | Stekoa Creek Implementation Project | Nantahala-Pisgah National Forest Plan Revision | Chauga River Watershed Large Woody Debris Additions | Southside Timber Project

Winter 2017
Chattooga Elk | Wildfires In Our Watersheds | Nantahala Ranger District Proposes Southside Timber Sale | Foothills Initiative | Nantahala-Pisgah National Forest Plan Revision | Stekoa Creek Watershed Management Plan Implementation Project

Spring/Summer Solstice 2016
The Evolution of a Wilderness Management | Nantahala National Forest Plan Revision Overflow Creek & Terrapin Mtn. Threatened | Upper Warwoman Project Forest Service Releases Decision

Spring 2015
The Life of a Caddis Fly | The Lost Village of Stecoe | Forest Service Proposes Massive Project in the Warwoman Watershed | Battle over the Upper Chattooga Continues | Stekoa Creek Park Opening | Cell Tower Victories

Summer 2013
The Cherokee Indian Trader | Wolf Mountain Cell Tower | Body Recovery at Soc-em Dog | Stekoa Creek Watershed Management Plan

Winter 2012
Stinking Cedar | A Walk In The Park | Dad Brewer’s Grist Mill| John Bachman, Naturalist; Social Activist | Dam Removed From Chattooga Headwaters

Fall/Winter 2011
Mussels in the Chattooga River | The Weeks Act Remembered | Oconostota, Great Warrior of Chota | Dam on the Chattooga River | Native River Cane Restoration Moves Forward

Spring 2011
Chub Wall, Outlaw from Dicks Creek | Biomass| Upper Chattooga Controversy | “Rhapsody in Rabun” for Stekoa Creek Park

Summer/Fall Equinox 2010
Background of the Forest Protest | Story of “Forest Green“ – Part 2 | Pig Roast for the Park | New Commercial Use Proposed for the Chattooga River Corridor | Native River Cane Proposal | Chattooga Canoe | Stekoa Creek Sewer Line Repairs

Winter/Spring Equinox 2010
The Perfect Storm | The Story of “Forest Green“ – Part 1 | Tinkle of Bell Teams Fade | Stekoa Creek Watershed 319(h) Project

Fall 2009
Coyotes | Bull Sluice: “The Rock Wall“ | Concert: Benefit for Stekoa Park | Development Proposed for Russell House Site | Stekoa Creek Water Sampling Update

Spring/Summer 2009
The Blue Ridge Railroad | The Whetstone Quadrangle | William Bartram’s Travels | Road Less Traveled

Fall/Winter 2008
Civilization Conservation Corps | Oconee Station | Bird Walk | Sustainable Agriculture | Chattooga town gets historical marker

Summer 2008
The Last Wild River (Chattooga) | Junior Crowe Interview | Monarch Watch | Chattooga Headwaters Controversy | Georgia Water Plan

Winter/Spring 2008
Peregrine Falcons | Tamassee Quad | Bird Walk | Focus on Flood Plain Management

Summer/Fall 2007
Eastern Wild Turkeys | Pension Protection Act | A Champion of Big Trees (Dr. Robert Zahner) | Trail of Tears | Upper Chattooga Boating Issue

Spring 2007
Walhalla Watershed | Trailing Issaqueena (Cateechee) | Woodall Shoals (Geology)

Fall/Winter 2006/2007
Wild Hogs in the Watershed | Drovers Road | Conservancy Reports Major Sewer Spill into Stekoa Watershed | Christopher Dickey Speaks About the Summer of Deliverance | Federal Judge Rules Against American Whitewater

Summer 2006
Bartram’s Mountain Magnolia (Fraser) | The Looming Water Crisis | Dark River of Deliverance | Bear Bill Dries

Spring 2006
The Smoking Gun (Stekoa) | Farming and the Global Economy (Solar) | Bears and Hogs | Chattooga Headwaters Boating | Horse Trail Debacle | Nuclear Salvation | “Camel Back” Bridge is No More

Winter 2006
Stargazing in the Watershed | The Cashiers Quadrangle | River Cane | Highlands Timber Sale Appeal Resolved | Chattooga Land Swap Abandoned

Fall 2005
Keeping it Wild: Representative John Lewis | Chattooga River Farm | Stekoa Creek Water Monitoring Project | Jim Fisher, Long Hunter | White Bull Timber Sale

Summer 2005
Interstate 3 | “Major“ Lewis Redmond | Monsanto Re-engineers Nature | Endangered Plants in the Watershed

Spring 2005
The Amazing Rhododendron (Bartram) | Alexander Cuming | Nature’s Composers | Predator Beetle Program Diversifies (Woolly Adelgid)

Winter 2005
Hamilton v. Jefferson | Bush Backs Big Business | Evolution of the Forest Service | The Walton War | Greenway Gains Momentum | National Forest Management Act | Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Fall 2004
Stekoa Creek: A Plan for Restoration | Conservation Easements | Deconstruction of Environmental Policy | Who Was General Andrew Pickens?

Summer 2004
Green Alert! Roadless Areas Threatened | Rare Chattooga Canoe Recovered | Native Americans in the Watershed | Bob Benge, Chickamauga Warrior | ATV Regulations Threaten our National Forests

Spring 2004
The Wild and Scenic Chattooga River | Earth Day | North American River Otter | Chattooga: Book Review | Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Strategic Plan

Winter 2004
Corporations Without Conscience| Whose Land Is It Anyway? (Eminent Domain)  | Factory Beef

Fall 2003
Booger Dance (mask) | The Legend of Mary Jeff | Halloween Puzzles

Summer 2003
Forest Plan Comments | The Controversy of ATVs on Public Lands | Invasive Plants Threaten Native Ecosystems

Spring 2003
Solstice Celebration Fundraiser | Restoring Food Systems | Fueling the Future | “Green“ Building

Winter 2003
Grid-Free Livin’ (Bill Coburn)| MoreSun Solar Powered Enterprises | Yard Birds and Yurt | Black Bears | Power Line Controversy Continues

Fall 2002
Dr. Eugene Odom: Father of Modern Ecology | Interview with Dr. Odom | Early Successional Habitat vs. Old Growth | Administration Attacks Environmental Policy | Overpopulation | Bartram Trail Debacle

Summer 2002
Red Wolves in the Smokies | Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Update | Where Has All Our Rain Gone? | Hot Dam! | Dixie Trout | Brookies in the Chattooga Watershed (trout) | Overflow Headwaters in Danger of Being Logged | Recreational Boating and Commercial Use on the Chattooga

Spring 2002
Tragedy of the Commons (natural resources) | Save Our Hemlocks! | Bull Pen Mill Restoration | Eastern Cougars: Science, Skepticism, and Scat | Conservation Fair

Winter 2002
Cerulean Warbler: To List or Not to List! | Sudden Oak Death: Is It Headed East? | The American Chestnut Tree | Mining of the National Forest | Biomass: A Cleaner Alternative

Fall 2001
Thoughts in the Presence of Fear | Needed: Economic Security | Environmental Education, Inc. | Litigation Against Logging: Then; Now | Victory at Dicks Creek and Chattooga Old Town

Spring/Summer 2001
Green Salamander (Endangered)| Politics of Energy | Green Clippings | Urban Growth Myths / Rabun county Power line Controversy | Jocassee Gorges | Rocky Gap Disgrace

Winter 2001
Re-Thinking Forest Preservation | Roadless Area Rulemaking Facts | Tax Incentives for Conservation | League of Conservation Voters Report | Total Maximum Daily Loads(Clean Water Act)

Summer/Fall 2000
Rattlesnakes in the Chattooga Watershed | Commercial Logging and Wildfire Prevention | Please…Don’t Pick the Wildflowers– Dammit! | Chattooga Watershed Restoration Project | Chattooga Land Trust | Cashiers Sewage Treatment Plant | Rabun County Power Line Controversy | Chattahoochee Forest Plan Amendment 18 | Georgia’s Natural Waters Not Fit to Swim In

Spring 2000
Vanished Birds | Ecology of the White Oak | Rabun County Power Line Controversy | West Fork Victory | Chattooga Watershed Restoration Project | Chattooga River Water Level History

Winter 2000
Looking Back, Highlights of CRWC Accomplishments | The Chattooga River Watershed: Shaped by 100 Years of National Events | Who’s On First: National Transportation Policy, Roadless Initiative, and Planning Regulations

Summer/Fall 1999
Plant Kingdoms’ New Family Tree | Interview w/ Rep. Cynthia McKinney | Recovery at Raven Chute | Land and Water Conservation Fund | Kingwood

Spring 1999
Bobcats: Ghosts of the Forests | Climate of the Chattooga Basin | Hemlock Woolly Adelgid | General Wade Hampton III | Nuclear Plants: Watching License Bids

Fall/Winter 1998/1999
Owls | Brown Gap Timber Sale | Pinus Strobus: Eastern White Pine | Chip Mills Proliferate | Update: Oconee Nuclear Station | Book Review: The Appalachian Forest

Summer 1998
Flashes in the Night (Firefly) | Cicadas Are Buzzing | Catesby’s Natural History of America | Oconee Nuclear Station | The Threat of Climate Change | Solar Energy Emerging | Legislative Riders of the Night

Spring 1998
Forest Service Budget | Interview w/ Dr. Arthur Cooper | A Message from the President | Forest Service Chief Speaks Out | Kids Geography Contest | The Swamp Honeysuckle | Loggers of the Blue Ridge | Jocassee Gorges | West Fork

Winter 1998
Hunting in the 3rd Millennium | Citizen’s Forestry Tools | Forestry for a New Value System | Blue Valley Timber Sale | CRWC Workshops | Update: Jocassee Gorges | Knights of Spain: Warriors of the Sun

Fall 1997
Joyce Kilmer’s Birds | Land Acquisition (Jocassee Gorge)| Knutsen-Vandenberg Act | Events in the Watershed | Educational Workshops | Congressional Update | Gypsy Moth

Summer 1997
The Whiskey Rebellion | Memoirs of A. Gennett, Lumberman | The Chattooga’s Cultural Heritage | Damming Diversity | Wild Medicinals of the Chattooga (Evening Primrose, Ginseng) | Brushy Mountain Land aquisitions

Spring 1997
The Value of Biological Diversity | Carolina Hemlock; Table Mountain Pine | Interview w/ Dr. Eugene Odom | Brook Trout in the Chattooga Watershed | Small Mammals of the Chattooga | When Continents Collide | Forest Fragmentation; Migratory Birds | Trends in Biodiversity

Winter 1997
Stekoa Creek | Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment | Endangered Species (Woodpecker); Private Lands | PILT and the 25% Fund Payment | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | Chip Mills | Petition Delivery | Decline of the Butternut | Land Use and Zoning

Fall 1996
Forest Health in the Chattooga River Watershed | The Great Forest | Salamanders of the Chattooga | The Monarch Butterfly | Chief Jack Ward Thomas | Managing for the Extinction | Tuckaluge | Aldo Leopold’s Name In Vain | Forest Plan Revision Response | Book Review: The Ecology of Commerce

Summer 1996
Picking Up The Pieces | The American Chestnut Story | Butterflies of Xanadu | Land & Water Conservation Fund | The 104th Congress | In the Name of Salvage | The Blue Ridge Railroad | The Dangerous River | Book Review: Mountain Lion

Spring 1996
Rabun Bald Roadless Area | Update on Forest Service Activities | Mountain Bogs in Spring | Interview with Bill Guthrie | Biorealism | Spring Warblers | Biological Monitoring Strategies | Film Review: Southbound | Congressional Scorecard | Making Waves in the Watershed

Winter 1996
Old Growth Forest In The Chattooga | Chattooga Conservation Plan | Animals of the Forest Interior | Plants of the Forest Interior | Making the Law of the Forest | Public Opinion Numbers Game | Horse Logger w/ a Mission | USFS Activities | Congressional Scorecard | In Season

Fall 1995
ESA on Chopping Block | Tuckaluge Update | Vigil Thank You’s | Dr. Zahner Gets Conservation Award | Public Treasures for Sale | Spiders and the Web of Life | Book Review: The Dying of the Trees | Nature’s Pharmacy | Cherokee Ghosts | The Walk

Summer 1995
Tuckaluge Project | Marie Mellinger on Rabun Bald | USFS Ongoing Projects | Powderhorn Map | History of Watershed Research | Monitoring Water Quality | CRWC Background Information | Congressional Scorecard | History of Watershed Activism | Tropical Plants and Local Waterfalls

Spring 1995
USFS Ecosystem Management | Congressional Scorecard | A Letter from Senator Hollings | Economy of the Chattooga Area | Volunteers Make It Happen | An Interview with Dr. Claude Terry | Spring Flowers | Scientists Call for Veto | Recreation

Winter 1995
Forest Stewardship on Private Lands | Interview with Mr. Joel Thrift | The Mountain Bridge Proposal | Geology of the Chattooga Basin | Current USFS Activities | Op Ed by Dr. Eugene Odom

Fall 1994
Looking at the Big Picture | Monitoring the Chattooga | Archaeologist Digs up Cherokee Town on the Chattooga | Former President Jimmy Carter Gets Involved | Trees Keep Growing and Growing | William Bartram and the Fraser Magnolia | The Other River