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Chattooga River Watershed
Water Quality Data
The Chattooga River’s water quality is threatened by pollution in several of its tributaries. The Chattooga Conservancy works to monitor streams and creeks throughout the watershed, identify potential sources of sediment and fecal coliform pollution, and find ways to mitigate these pollution sources. Current and historic sample locations can be seen on our Chattooga Watershed Interactive Map.

If you’re interested in volunteering to collect samples, please let us know! Call us at 864-647-9849 or email

If you would like to support our water quality monitoring efforts, please consider becoming a member or donating! Annual contributions from our members help us continue projects like this that lead to direct actions to protect the river we all love.

Georgia and South Carolina water quality standards vary depending on stream/water classification, and criteria are based on at least 4 samples collected from a given site over a 30-day period. The following apply to sample sites in the Chattooga River watershed:


State water quality standards for fecal coliform:

May- Oct: Not to exceed a geometric mean of 200 cfu/100 mL
Nov- April: Not to exceed a geometric mean of 1,000 cfu/100 mL; no single sample shall exceed 4,000 cfu/100 mL.

South Carolina

State water quality standards for E. coli:

Not to exceed a geometric mean of 126/100 mL; no single sample shall exceed 349/100 mL.

Fecal Coliform/ E. coli Results (2023-present)

cfu/100 mL

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WC-RGWhetstone CreekRocky Gap6733133200*9671,2661500*
WC-CRWhetstone CreekChattooga Confluence300*266*
WC-CONWhetstone CreekConley Rd1900*367167633*3,1336007900*2233*600*
WC-EWhetstone CreekEarl's Ford Rd bridge6003,600
WC-JMWhetstone CreekJohn Mtn Rd1,1673,600
WC-CPOWhetstone CreekConley Pond Outlet00
LC-1Long CreekOrchard Rd3300100*3333*100*500*
FC-NFFall Creek - North ForkFall Creek Rd. Extension676733367NA0*0*300*

*E. coli
TNTC= Too numerous to count