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Clayton, GA
The Chattooga Conservancy has established a new 3.5-acre city park next to Stekoa Creek and Highway 441 in Clayton, Georgia. This ambitious project required removing a jungle of invasive plants, tons of garbage, and large chunks of concrete and bricks. As the tract was cleaned up, we restored the land as greenspace by planting native shrubs, trees and wildflowers, and building a rain garden, nature trail, wildflower garden, community pavilion, and other improvements for public use and enjoyment. The Stekoa Creek Park, now completed, serves as a demonstration project for restoring land along Stekoa Creek, and also has become a recreational and economic asset for Rabun County. We are now working to maintain the park grounds, while nurturing the hundreds of native plants that are installed on the tract.
Concrete blocks on site pre-construction
Rain garden water delivery system in Stekoa Creek Park
School kids planting native river cane
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