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Chattooga River Watershed
Interactive Map

Welcome to the Chattooga River Watershed Interactive Map!

You can view the map on this page below, or by clicking here (recommended for full screen viewing and mobile use).

This map provides a visual display of projects, ongoing and proposed, in the Chattooga River watershed. More information about many of these projects can be found in the Learn, Projects, and Blog sections of our website. This map will be updated regularly, but may not include all ongoing or proposed projects in the watershed at a given time.

Tips for using this map:

  • Zoom in and out using the +/- buttons in the top left of the map screen, or by toggling with a mouse or keypad.
  • View specific projects or layers by selecting the symbol (overlapping squares) on the left side of the screen, then selecting the desired layer(s) with the eye-shaped symbol.
  • View item info and details by clicking any feature in the map, or click on the symbol lowest on the left-hand menu to display info for the layer selected. If more than one set of data is available for the area you’ve selected, a small arrow will appear at the top of the pop-up info box. Click the arrow to see more.
  • View the map legend, to see the symbology details of the selected layer, by selecting the top-most symbol on the left-hand menu. Grouped layers may have another dropdown arrow that will need to be expanded by left clicking once in order to view the associated symbology details.
    > Abbreviations:
         – APD/APRD – Andrew Pickens (Ranger) District of Sumter National Forest
         – NF – National Forest
         – WS – Watershed

    – CISC= Continuous Inventory of Stand Condition- Data compiled by the Forest Service, including average age and type of forest stand

*A detailed explanation of old growth classification can be found here.

For comments, concerns, or questions about this map and its functionality please do not hesitate to reach out to Matt Stamey, our program specialist, at

Please note that the map may take a few moments to load.