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Jamie Dunlap Memorial Giving

We are honored to accept donations in memory of Jamie Dunlap, a cherished community member and lover of the Chattooga River.

The Chattooga Conservancy is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “protect, promote and restore the natural ecological integrity of the Chattooga River watershed ecosystems; to ensure the viability of native species in harmony with the need for a healthy human environment; and, to educate and empower communities to practice good stewardship on public and private lands.”  Seventy percent of the Chattooga River watershed is public land contained in three national forests in NC, SC and GA.  The watershed delineates a unique area marked by clean water, very high rainfall, and unusual, rich biological diversity.  It was because of these and other remarkable values that the Chattooga was designated as a National Wild & Scenic River in 1974—to try to preserve the river as a unique environmental and cultural resource.  The Chattooga Conservancy works on national forest management and private land issues to address escalating pressures threatening water quality and other prized quality of life attributes.  The magnificent Chattooga River is treasured by so many for its free flowing and challenging whitewater, the beauty of its rapids and the scenery of the Chattooga drainage, and for its power in providing solace, and renewal.